Process Modeller is a sub-brand of Sensus process management     Sensus process management

Sensus process management specializes in modeling, visualizing and improving your business processes.
The Process Modeller app is a user-friendly tool to clarify processes within your organization.
It puts process management expertise at your fingertips,
It makes it easy to define and draw process flow charts quickly.
And above all, it is useful, efficient and fun to work with.
More than 100.000 worldwide users can’t be wrong, can they?

8 steps to success

Our process management approach, developed by Sensus process management 
The Sensus method was developed with a view to making the most of the potential and possibilities of process management. The power of the Sensus process management lies in its communication through a uniform visual language, which anyone anywhere in the world will be able to understand. We use low-threshold ways of working to create an environment where employees think and work based on processes. In 8 steps we will guide you through our process management approach, aimed at triggering change. An organisation that has adopted the Sensus method continuously moves between these steps and never comes to a standstill.

Defining a goal

Process management without purpose is a meaningless exercise. How processes will be modeled and documented depends on your objective.


Structuring processes means to create a direct link between strategic objectives and operational processes and classify processes based on their nature and level.



Before a process can be described, it is crucial to think about the information required to manage, monitor, supervise and control a process.



Using the Sensus method’s 8 recognisable icons makes processes instantly graspable without losing any relevant process information.


After defining a goal and structuring, defining and modeling your processes you want to secure this knowlegde in your organisation. This is where our Sensus BPM Software comes in.


The Personal Navigator, which is the application used to create publications, visually guides your employees through the described processes.


Regular evaluation and measurement are necessary to know the processes are running and producing as agreed and expected.

Simple yet Powerful ★★★★★

Found this app highly useful simple and intuitive. Thanks for providing such an app on iPad

Pra Sanjeev (India)

Great app! ★★★★★

Process management is a key aspect in my work. And I have tried many different applications to assist me, but this app is definitely the best one in its kind

David McAllen (Australia)

Excellent tool ★★★★

So far I can say I really appreciate put together conceptual icons such that: objective, risks, resources, customer/supplier, KPI’s, etc.

Karl Johan Müller (Germany)

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