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Download the Process Modeller app for Windows! This app works both on Windows tablets and Windows 8 PC’s.

Download the original version of the Process Modeller app on your iPad! Start modeling your processes right away.

Upgrade to Sensus BPM Online 

The power of well-defined business processes mostly lies in their simplicity. Sensus process management have therefore built Sensus BPM Designer for clarity and maximum ease of use for everyone! You want to accomplish objectives. Work more efficiently, improve management flows, raise quality, make changes transparent.

Continue modelling processes on your desktop and use the powerful features of Sensus BPM Designer.

Register the fully functional trial and try now!


Sensus BPM Designer features at a glance:

  • Model Processes in the Cloud
  • Export processess in different formats
  • Add KPIs to processes
  • Create reports using key process data
  • Linking departments and job titles to processes and activities
  • Automated visualisations such as swim lane and process flows

Download the Sensus BPM Designer Trial version to experience the power of this BPM suite yourself!