Upgrade to Sensus BPM Software


The power of well-defined business processes mostly lies in their simplicity. Sensus-methode, partner of Process-modeller, have therefore built Sensus BPM Personal for clarity and maximum ease of use for everyone! You want to accomplish objectives. Work more efficiently, improve management flows, raise quality, make changes transparent.

Continue modelling processes on your desktop and use the powerful features of Sensus BPM Personal.

Download the fully functional 30 day trial and try now!

Sensus BPM Personal features at a glance:

  • Documents can be linked to a process model
  • Publish Processes in the Cloud
  • Export processess in different formats
  • Add KPIs to processes
  • Create reports using key process data
  • Open your processes designed with the Process-modeller app directly in Sensus BPM Personal
  • Linking departments and job titles to processes and activities
  • Automated visualisations such as swim lane and process flows

Download the Sensus BPM Personal Trial version to experience the power of this BPM suite yourself!

It is available as a free one month trial version.

Useful for certification ★★★★

“Our AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate  requires that you have your processes in order and that you structurally improve your processes. That had all been taken care of in Sensus software.”

Jojan van Dokkum (The Netherlands)

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals

Great software! ★★★★★

“The Sensus method and Sensus BPM Software helped me to rapidly identify the points for improvement in the internal process.”

Bart de Borger (The Netherlands)

Randstad Holding

Excellent publication ★★★★★

“A process can be modeled and presented to employees on the Intranet in no time using Sensus method process management software. Sensus BPM Software enables detailed documentation of any process.”

Bart Smets (Belgium)

City of Turnhout


Our ready-to-use process models will help you get started with Business Process Management in no time at all! The process models are categorised by industry and theme-specific processes and have been developed in collaboration with our certified partners and customers. They are available for download in the Sensus software and can be fully customised to your organisation’s requirements.